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Hunting furniture made by Neufeld & Kler

Hunting is not just a hobby, hunting is a passion

Hunting is not a Hobby or a pastime, the forest is not a playground where you can relax and it is not made for those who are looking for a balance to their stressful life. The forest is an ecosystem that has been placed in our care and on which we have to take care of. Hunting has been around since humanity exists. Beeing a huntsman means more than collecting trophies and making loot. It means knowing nature, loving and protecting it. When you are hunting you and the nature become one. That's what makes hunting not a regular hobby, but a real passion. You have to live it.
In order to bring this passion to your home, Neufel & Kler produce high quality hunting furniture that perfectly reflects the hunt and your connection with hunting with hand-carved motives in your furniture.

You can choose between different motives, colors and covers to make your hunting furniture exactly how you want it.

Dining Conference Table and Chairs


Model No. 63c/64c/66c



Model No. 63b/64b/65b


Model No. 63/64/65



Model "Moufflon"
available in different designs



Model "Hound"
available in different designs




Model "Akanth"
available in different designs




Model "Lion"
available in different designs




Corner Sofa Model "Lion"
available in different designs



Book -/TV-Cabinet

Model "103"



Model "100"



Model "101"



Model "102"




Model "90"



Model "62a"<



Model "59d"




Model "61B"




Model "59c"



Model "59b"



Model "66"




Model "67"




Model "67a"




Model "68"

Chests of Drawers

Model "60B"




Chests of Drawers

Model "60A"


Model "69A"



Model "69"




Model "70"






Hunting furniture by Neufeld & Kler

Our hunting furniture is made in individual production. The furniture is made with traditional woodcarving techniques, so that every single piece is unique. The handmade furniture is made for a long life. Our recquirement is to make the perfect piece of furniture for you, which you do not have to replace within a couple of years. Our furniture is supposed to give you a lot of pleasure for a long time.

Since 1993, our company offers exclusiv hunting facilities decorated with hand-carved motives from the animal world. With those many years of experience we have the oppertunity to produce the perfect piece of furniture for you.

Hunting furniture made of oak by Neufeld & Kler

Our hunting furniture is made of solid European oak wood. This is particularly suitable because it has a fine structure with straight fibers and clearly recognizable annual rings. In addition, the European oak is very hard, which means that even heavy shocks can not harm it.
The solid wood is not only perfectly long term durable, it is also able to ensure a comfortable environment in your home. No other wood combines elegance and durability like oak wood. And that is what makes Oak wood hunting furniture so authentic. It is the perfect way to integrate nature into your living space.

„Harmony with nature in your own home.“

Different motives on the hunting furniture

On our furniture you find elaborate hand carved motives. The hunting motives include wild animals from the local forests, such as pheasants, deer, squirrels or foxes. But also different hunting scenarios like hunters with their dogs can be found on the furniture.
The handwork makes it easy for us to incorperate individual carvings on your furniture, all based on your ideas and thoughts. So your hunting furniture will not tell any story but your very personal story. Talk to us about your special wishes and together we will work out a concept which is exatly how you expected it.

„Our furniture is characterized by a special love of details.“

Which furniture types does Neufeld & Kler offer me?

We have a large repertoire of furniture. It ranges from dining / conference tables, chests of drawers, desks, bookcases and three piece suits Neufeld & Kler has to offer a lot.

Through the none industrial production we are not set to any boundaries. Whether you are looking for an exclusive living room, a dining room, an equestrian room or a hunting room, you will find the right hunting furniture for your needs. You are welcome to to take a closer look at some of our pieces at our exhibition in Stedtfeld/ Eisenach.

Special requests of our customers regarding size, design and carvings are beeing easily implemented by us. We look forward for new projects which challenge our workers to show their full talent and put their whole enetgy and creativity in.

„Get your hunting furniture from von Neufeld & Kler.“

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us by phone: 03691- 890181 oder per Mail: We look forward to seeing you.