The firm Neufeld & Kler


The firm Neufeld & Kler was foanded in May 1993

The firm owner and Director of Managements is
Gerhard Neufeld.

You will find the registered business address and exhibition show rooms in, Eisenach/OT. Stedfeld in the west part of Thüringen.

We have been providing since 1993 exclusively hand carved decorated hunting room furniture with figures from the animal world.

Our selection of hunting room furniture has steadily increased since 1999 as well as enhancing our Baroque and renaissance style.

We also offer complete furnishings (Three-piece suites, Tables, Chairs, Wardrobes,
Chest of drawers etc.) for Living rooms and conference rooms,
as well as Chambers in the requested style direction.

The traditional craftsmanship manufacturing process allows us to do special requests,
carvings etc. our customers. We would have no problem achieving special concerns about
the size and design of carvings.
We have our furniture made in the South of Poland; the furniture evolves through a
close partnership with a renowned firm with over 30 wood carvers/sculptors/carpenters and
a morn factory/studio.
This is due to the enormous complexity of manufacturing the furniture required and the
intensiveness of the carving required.