Products / Materials


whether you would like an exclusive living room, Study, conference or hunting room,
you will find the right furniture for your needs with us.

Our furniture is custom-build in solid traditional woodcraft. The craftsmanship and the
complex carving decoration all go towards making every single piece of furniture unique.

One of the most distinctive characters of our furniture is the graphic carving of the figures.
The Pillars of Hercules (Male), Caryatid (Female) were in the ancient world and the middle ages
a common element, as well as the renaissance and Baroque figures, they were made in all sorts of
variations. The hierachy of the above is also another distinguishing factor.

Our furniture is due to its craftsmanship not built to last only a few years and then to be
replaced by new furniture because of taste or trends. The technical craftsmanship and
tradition guarantees a long life and readiness for the hardships of every day use.

We feel that due to the tradition of our furniture that we have a responsibility to present
our furniture in the highest possible standard. That is why we only use materials that
have been in use for generations and that have proved their reliability.

The majority of the furniture material production is solid wood, the frame, chairs,
seating, easy arm chairs, tables and chest of drawers ar all made with hard wood which
comes from the European Oak tree. The European Oak has a delicate configuration of fibres with
clearly marked age rings.

This consistency and durability has become the standard for hard wood (density 740 kg/M3).
This being the reason why our hard wood can take punishment in its stride without causing obvious
visual damage.

We also insert on the inside of the wardrobes/bureaus hard wood shelves (Oak of Spruce).

The construction and building of the furniture allows the wood to be used for generations without deteriorating.